What We Do



 KDPA and its members contribute to the Key deer's survival through our many programs including but not limited to:

  • Education and Advocacy
  • Participation in Local Planning Processes
  • Commenting on Federal Issues impacting the Key Deer and its habitat
  • Legal Challenges
  • Threats to Key Deer
  • Supply maual labor on very worthwile programs



KDPA helped or  initiated the following:

  • Artifical rainwater catchment tanks on islands within range of the Key Deer
  • Helped subsidize a Sheriff's Deputy to reduce speeding in Key Deer habitat on US1
  • Helped get improved county animal control services in Key deer habitat to reduce the hazard from free-roaming dogs 
  •  We were instrumental in getting the signs posted that tally the annual number of Key deer killed on the highway.  
  • Development of the Frederick C. Mannillo Wheelchair Accessible Nature Trail

Mannillo Trail Info



 For more than a decade, KDPA has presented college scholarships to deserving students, and this year is no different; KDPA awards $500 scholarships to Monroe County high school students who plan on majoring in biological science, environmental science, or a related field.

Class of 2018 Recipient:

John Sheagren
Marathon High School (left)


KDPA  congratulates  John as well as his family and school for an outstanding role in guiding John to reach these accomplishments.