Key Deer Protection Alliance, Inc.

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Mission Statement:  Where We Stand

We want to save the Key deer from extinction. Education and habitat protection are our primary long-term goals.

We believe that presentation of factual information will foster positive attitudes toward current and future protective measures for the deer.

Recognizing that the historical range of the deer encompasses much privately owned property, the Alliance supports land acquisition on a “willing seller, vacant land” basis. Primary habitat MUST be protected; the species cannot survive if its range is limited only to those lands within the present National Key Deer Refuge. 

Short-term goals of the K.D.P.A. relate to reducing the number of deaths resulting from human-deer interaction (automobiles, illegal feeding, free-roaming dogs, etc.) and enhancing the current habitat.

The K.D.P.A. regards the Key deer as a national natural treasure to be protected as a legacy for future generations.



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KDPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1989 and staffed by volunteers.

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