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About Us (KDPA)



The Key Deer Protection Alliance was founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit organization.

KDPA Mission Statement

“We want to save the Key deer from extinction. Education and habitat protection are our primary long-term goals. We believe that presentation of factual information will foster positive attitudes toward current and future protection measures for the deer.

Recognizing that the historical range of the deer encompasses much of privately owned property, the Alliance supports land acquisition on a “willing seller, vacant land” basis. Primary habitat MUST be protected; the species cannot survive if its range is limited only to those lands within the present National Key Deer Refuge.

Short-term goals of the Alliance relate to reducing the number of deaths resulting from human-deer interaction (automobile, illegal feeding, free-roaming dogs, etc.) and enhancing current habitat to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

The Alliance regards the Key deer as a national treasure to be protected as a legacy for future generations.”

KDPA Programs and Accomplishments

KDPA and its members contribute to the Key deer's survival through our many programs, ranging from education and advocacy, to participation in local planning processes, to commenting on federal issues impacting the Key deer and its habitat, to making legal challenges to projects which threaten the Key deer, and to supplying manual labor on very worthwhile projects. 

KDPA helped provide artificial rainwater catchment tanks on islands within range of the Key deer.  We were instrumental in the design and development of the Frederick C. Mannillo Wheelchair Accessible Nature TrailWe've published informational brochures and flyers, we notify members of important pending issues via Action Alerts, and our newsletter, Alliance News, informs members on many matters relevant to the deer and our organization and its members. 

We helped subsidize a Sheriff's deputy to reduce speeding in Key deer habitat on US1, and helped get improved county animal control services in Key deer habitat to reduce the hazard from free-roaming dogs.  We were instrumental in getting the signs posted that tally the annual number of Key deer killed on the highway. 

We award scholarships to local graduating high school students pursuing environmental studies in college.  Click here for the 2013 KDPA Scholarship awardee.

We participate in local planning initiatives that affect the Key deer and the islands we are fortunate to share with them.  Our ongoing educational programs include open meetings with guest speakers, informational booths at local events, providing speakers for outreach talks at schools, civic groups, and other environmental organizations, publishing our newsletter... and this website.

 KDPA Board of directors:

___(open)__        President
Vice President     Elaine Sweet Mason
Secretary            Alicia Putney
Treasurer            Margo Zdravkovic

Deb Curlee
Joyce Clark Newman
Mark F. Peterson


The general membership of the Key Deer Protection Alliance meets on the second Thursday of the month beginning in November and ending in April. Each meeting begins at 7:00 PM and lasts about a half hour, after which there is a formal presentation on a topic related to the environment of the Florida Keys. We meet at the Lord of the Seas Lutheran Church, 1250 Key Deer Blvd. on Big Pine Key. The Annual Meeting, with the election of Officers and Advisors, is in January.

               KDPA, PO Box 430224,  Big Pine Key, FL 33043-0224

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